Thursday, March 22, 2012

Barn Marche

How can you not love this:  Yesterday, I was poking around
My Favorite Find - which is a new enterprise by
Farm Chicks originator Serena Thompson.
And I see a little shoppe listed, named Sweet Kaity.

It turns out, it is a little Etsy shoppe.  When I follow the link, 
I spot these rockin' new old stock ice cream cups:

And I think, yowsa yowsa, those would look so swell
in my red barn kitchen.

And by red barn kitchen, I mean my fun kitchen in the barn, where we entertain and watch Gonzaga Basketball (Go Zags).  The kitchen I am (shamelessly) showing off, right now.

Anyway, these little red ice cream cups are old, but new, and she has them listed for a really reasonable price.  So I wander in, pay with PayPal and it is an easy squeezy transaction.  By day's end, I'd received shipping notification that my new little "find" was on its way.

Turns out that little Etsy gal is in my own hometown (as is Farm Chicks) (I know, I'm a lucky lucky girl).  And this morning, the package was delivered to my back porch.
Where I tore it open (really nice mailing presentation, Sweet Kaity) and
couldn't wait to get them out to the barn.

Aren't they grand!

So, this is what I have to say today:
1.  If I had a small Etsy shoppe, or an antique store or antique funky chicky event happening (anywhere in the country) - I'd sure as heck list with My Favorite Find.  

'Cause I know I'm going to be spending time there, likely shopping,
and, if my pocketbook allows, planning travel to some of those other
rockin' events listed.


2.  You should see my barn sometime.


  1. I bought those EXACT same ice cream cups on ETSY and LOVE them! :) Liesl

  2. Hey there! I forsee many of us making new discoveries through my Favorite Find!! I posted my hutch there yesterday. I love all your reds. I have a red kitchen but it's not in my barn. ;)

  3. Hi Penny,
    I LOVE your kitchen! I have red in mine too. You can see bits of it on my Pinterest, Melinda Holley (Tahoe/Truckee), on my board "My Fun Kitchen Collections".
    I love Sweet Kaity's shoppe too! I have Wren Elizabeth Gifts Shoppe and am enjoying MFF as much as you are. What a great idea!

  4. Penny, love your barn & your blog and your wonderful finds in your photos. Hang in there with your writing, it will click one day. :) Teri

  5. Thanks for the amazing post Penny! I am SO HAPPY you love the ice cream cups. I want your Red Barn Kitchen :) It is fabulous!

  6. Wow, this is my dream kitchen :) You may want to check out Rural Revolution on My Favorite Find. I found some vintage pint sized ice cream cartons that were too cute not to buy. I am also loving red in the kitchen. Thanks for sharing!