Friday, April 20, 2012

Bursts of Spring

Everywhere I look

From the tiniest, unrecognizable sprout

To the small forest of peonies...

the ambitious hosta...
 and the nuclear sized leaves of the
ornamental rhubarb,
the garden is letting us know Spring is here!

There are plants waiting for their assigned place,

along with faithful returnees.

 Plants letting us know they're ready for the season... 

And plants that are ready to burst with pride. 

Conifers are pushing out new growth, 

and new friends from last year are
making their appearance together.

It seems as though we were waiting for them, and now they are waiting for us.  

Welcome to Garden Season.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Getting my Junk On

And now, all thoughts turn to junk.
Funky Junk.
I'll be a Vendor, this weekend, at the twice-annual

They've gone urban this year,
and the show will be held in the buildings that house the Spokane Public Market.  

So I've been out junking around.

Dragging stuff home.

Some right pretty things.

Some Have-to-Haves.

And some Must-Be-Mines.

Something for everyone.

Maybe something extra special for you.
 There's plenty of downtown parking,
though you may need to be creative.

Come join us for a funky good time at
Funky Junk.

This weekend, April 14th and 15th.
Downtown Spokane.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

What happens in the Hoop House...

We're out 3 weeks and 4 days since we moved our overwintering plant material into the hoop house, to warm up and show their stuff.

Hello everyone, how's it growing out here.

Today, I watered all the plants with a good
balanced, water-soluble plant food.
Note to readers: If they called it Ordinary-Gro, it likely wouldn't sell.
There really is no miracle involved.

Although, it'd be hard to convince these Peonies
that they weren't feeling it.

And look at this Brunnera, forming a nice bloom for later.

Even the Hosta, notoriously late risers, have agreed to
make an early appearance.

And the ever-faithful Chives, making their return.  These things will grow wherever they're dropped; this one has been in this pot for
longer than I can remember.

Lots of Lady's Mantle, so very easy to grow as well.  And I love how they will let a raindrop rest on them -
it can look like jewels in the early morning.

Meanwhile, I'd moved the Helleborus outside.  They weren't enjoying the heat of the hoop house, since they are cool-weather bloomers.  I'm going to up-pot these soon.
Gearing up for the garden season!

These plants will continue their residence in the hoop house until
April 28th - plenty of growing time left - then will be for sale at the