Thursday, April 5, 2012

What happens in the Hoop House...

We're out 3 weeks and 4 days since we moved our overwintering plant material into the hoop house, to warm up and show their stuff.

Hello everyone, how's it growing out here.

Today, I watered all the plants with a good
balanced, water-soluble plant food.
Note to readers: If they called it Ordinary-Gro, it likely wouldn't sell.
There really is no miracle involved.

Although, it'd be hard to convince these Peonies
that they weren't feeling it.

And look at this Brunnera, forming a nice bloom for later.

Even the Hosta, notoriously late risers, have agreed to
make an early appearance.

And the ever-faithful Chives, making their return.  These things will grow wherever they're dropped; this one has been in this pot for
longer than I can remember.

Lots of Lady's Mantle, so very easy to grow as well.  And I love how they will let a raindrop rest on them -
it can look like jewels in the early morning.

Meanwhile, I'd moved the Helleborus outside.  They weren't enjoying the heat of the hoop house, since they are cool-weather bloomers.  I'm going to up-pot these soon.
Gearing up for the garden season!

These plants will continue their residence in the hoop house until
April 28th - plenty of growing time left - then will be for sale at the

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